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At Burnet Machining Inc., utilizing the latest in technology to offer precise CNC turning services while delivering cost-effective solutions of high-quality industrial components is another area of expertise. With diverse experience serving many different types of industries, we’re accustomed to creating a wide range of products for our clients. From machining fittings, standoffs, and spacers as some examples, our experts know how to work with a variety of machining processes and materials to bring about a perfect result each time. CNC turning can also be combined with CNC milling and other processes to make more unique shapes. With each project performed and completed, we uphold the highest quality standards to better serve our clients. We’re confident that we can bring your visions to reality.

Our lathe department consists of 4 CNC Mazak lathes. These machines are able to turn parts up to 6″ in diameter and 12″ in length, with through spindles up to 1.625″. Our Mazak with “Live Tooling” cuts the time and cost associated with multiple set up operations. With these machines we are capable of producing superior surface finishes and hold tight tolerances to plus or minus .0002″.

Burnet Machining Inc. provides expert CNC turning services to customers throughout Goleta, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and beyond.

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